Tip of the Day: What to Do in Vancouver

If you’re familiar with me the life that I’ve been living, you’ll know that I just went on an amazing little trip all the way up to Vancouver. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is one of the most popular, Rising cities the entire world… I have never been there before, so I was pretty excited to see.

I thought for sure that there was no way that it would be as beautiful as it seems to look in photographs I was right about that… It’s actually way more beautiful than I ever could have imagined! Not only is a beautiful, but there’s a lot of great things to do there the shopping for example is second to none in Canada, and there’s never been a city that has been more fun for me too navigate.

The district’s all have their own charm, and each neighborhood has lots of great things to post as far as food, stores, and general culture just lots of great art in the city as well, I went out to some amazing concerts, and there were all sorts of me events happening… the culture is really fantastic because it is the best city in the whole Western half of Canada, and arguably the most popular city in the country. So, a lot of artists flock here and try to make their way as professionals and get noticed. As a visitor, you can really enjoy the Splendid work these individuals create.

What I really didn’t expect, what’s that the cities around Vancouver would be just as interesting– the suburbs were all fantastic. I particularly enjoyed New Westminister and Burnaby both are very close to the city of Vancouver, interconnected by train line. There’s no real gap between the cities, they sort of just flowing to each other, making Vancouver seem like one supermassive city. I couldn’t help but notice a lot of Burnaby condos for sale, and I even contacted a Vancouver Realtor who was very kind. However, I did learn that the real estate market in Vancouver is a little bit through the roof right now (I suggest consider one referred to by a friend for Coal Harbour condos), as prices have been rising and Rising for years and have yet to fall. So, I didn’t find a new home, but I did find a new city that I’ll certainly be returning to. What else did I miss… Consider checking out a professional hockey game, eating a lot of sushi, and making your way down to the Granville Island Market. Other than that, but I have no doubts that if you go to Vancouver you’ll find a way to enjoy yourself, so I’ll leave the rest up to you.