Initial Impressions of 360 Technology

A friend of mine had been breaking and going on and on about how great his 360 degree camera and headset are. I don’t know that much about 360 cameras, or at least I didn’t, and the headsets just confused me even though I thought I knew what they were. I didn’t, it turns out, and my perspective on virtual reality technology and 360 camera contents and tools was completely removed from the reality of the situation.

I think this probably happens whenever new technology start to emerge, so I’m going to start checking myself on this in the future. Not like I’m going to start playing all the hip apps just to keep up with the kids, but I do think that staying up-to-date with this sort of thing will not hurt my hobby as a Blocker in becoming a career. Does that make sense? I think it does. I think that it is important that I know exactly what I am choosing to use, or choosing not to use when it comes to online publication technology. I think that it is vital, actually, that I do not make choices based on ignorance when it comes to things like 360 camera devices.

Doesn’t that make sense, I really really think it does? I don’t know, maybe I’m batting above my league here, maybe people just like to come here to read my thoughts on things, or maybe people just feel obligated to. Regardless, I think it is very important that I express things to you and unique ways, and that I even take risks so you learn that you can too, and so that I’m constantly widening my parameters as a creator. I don’t want you, my readers, to get bored of me. And I don’t want to get bored of creating for you. So I think by delving into the world of 360 photography, or even virtual reality, I can embolden what I am doing on this site without compromising its original Integrity or content.

Perfect Shots to Make Your Blog Better

Okay so like, obviously I love being a blogger and writing blogs, I actually love everything about blog culture. It is so sick.  But there are some parts about it that I actually don’t like at all. Some things about reading blogs get like, super annoying. Like, if I want to make money off of my blog I can’t use photos unless I have the rights to them? That is so b******* because sometimes I want to write about like, I don’t know, celebrities and stuff, and like it’s hard to find good images of them better for you and stuff.

I think that’s how it works, at least.

Anyway, there are lots of time is where you need to find a photograph, and like you need to stock photograph because you’re not allowed to use any photograph you want, and some of my friends told me about some stock photography sites and they suck. They’re just not very good at all and I think they’re really stupid. The photos are bad and the sites are dumb.

But, I actually found like, a pretty good one. It’s called EyeEm And it is laid out in a really simple and nice way, and the photos on there have actually fit what I need like perfectly so far, which none of the other ones ever did and I didn’t even want to publish them. So, I really do recommend this if you need Stock Photos because you probably do, and if you’re anything like me, your previous horses for stock photographs like really sucked.

Anyway, maybe this is too casual, but what I’m saying is that this is a really good stock photography site.

So, if you need to start a blog, keep that in mind!

Peace and love! Stay tuned for more tips and opinions and stuff!