Quality Chair for My Garden

I am a garden lover. Since 6, when I was still a kid, I always watch my mother tending to her flowers and plants in our small garden at the back of our house. In the morning, she will always water the plants as well as in the afternoon. Sometimes, I volunteer to help her or if she is busy, I am the one watering the plants instead before playing in our backyard.

Fast forward fifteen years after, my mother is still a lover of plants and flowers. I moved out from my parents home three years ago and I am currently living in the city in an apartment. What I love about this apartment is that it also has a spacious garden where I can grow plants.

I am very happy when the owner said I can actually use it to have a garden. A year ago, while buying seeds and some gardening materials in the shopping mall, I stumbled upon a flyer advertising about a certain type of chair that is so perfect for gardens. It is called Adirondack chairs. When I went to the shop to take a look at the product, I immediately felt in love. It was perfect for my little garden!

The wooden material used in the chair is very beautiful. It also has carved details intricately designed in the arm chair. Also, it is very light. I can actually put in at the back of my car and I need not to have to ask the assistance of delivery men to deliver them to my home.

I immediately bought two, so when my boyfriend and I are talking over tea or coffee, we can sit there and chat all day during our rest days. Sometimes too, I bring my work at home and sit there, put my laptop on the table, and work from home as if I am just relaxing.

My friends too were stunned! When they come over in the house, they love sitting there especially during the afternoon.

They love bringing in food so we do not need to cook, especially on BBQ party nights were we are all up all night drinking and having fun.

These Adirondack chairs are really an investment. In fact, when my mother saw them, her eyes glimmered. She said I got her keen eye for details and beautiful things from her and I felt really really proud of what she told me. I also showed her my flowers and plants that I took care for over a year and she is very proud of me.  I also have some plants inside the house which she absolutely adores.

When I go home in my parents house, I always see my mother’s garden and I am always inspired to do more good work for my own garden. You see, my mother is the person I look up to since I was a kid and I would love to grow like her, especially on the way she takes care of her garden.

Why You Should Buy An Electric Scooter Now


Ladies! It has been weeks since I last posted in my lifestyle blog. I have been to The Netherlands for two months to visit my relatives there. I also attended an intimate wedding of my cousin and her fiancé and we really enjoyed our trip there.

The Netherlands was beautiful! I got to tour around the city and eat at cafes and restaurants. I also had the chance to visit museums and libraries which I only get to see through pictures in the internet. I was really happy that I got the chance to visit the place last time.

Aside from the happy memories I had with my relatives, which I will say in another post, I want to share with you something that I discovered there. I saw how the roads and streets are so tidy and really convenient for every commuter. And one common thing in every streets are the usual electric scooters I see roaming around.

These scooters are so cool. I learned that majority of them are using Unu Motor’s elektrische scooter, a kind of scooter which obviously uses electricity. It is an earth-saving vehicles which is affordable and quality made. No doubt a lot of people are using it. I hope other cities will also adopt Unu Motors’ innovation or better yet, the company should open branches in other places.


Cheap yet quality watches

Okay, so here’s where I’m at, is that I do not know what to buy for my husband for his birthday this year. What do I do? I bought him everything, I’ve been browsing around sites like Survival Cooking, which have very comprehensive list full of all the different top products for camping and outdoor supplies, and things like that, and there is nothing that I can buy for him that he doesn’t already have. There’s just been too many birthdays like this, where I buy him the next new Stover grill or 10th, and now, I’m at a point that there is no signs of an upgrade over the things that I have bought him over the last five years.

So, I’ve been wondering about what I should do. And I think I have come to an interesting conclusion. I think I’m going to go way out into left field and just do something that is way different than I ever do, I think that I’m going to buy him a very nice accessory or some sort of addition to his wardrobe and repertoire. Now, I know what you’re thinking, if you know my husband, or as read about him in previous post, you would be very surprised that I would be considering to buy a fashion accessory for my husband. However, I think that he would love a very classy watch, and I found a lot of excellent choices,  looking for the best watches under 500 while scanning the web the other day. I think that I could get him a nice, slick, and cool watch that would totally surprise him and make a positive impact on his life. I swear, buying him a watch is not a passive-aggressive way of telling him to be on time more often, it’s just me saying that I love him through a nice, stylish accessory.