To Be a Student

Well, after choosing your course one of the biggest decision will be where to live. As I moved to a big city with my boyfriend it wasn’t so stressful for me. He made this choice as easy as posіible. He found the right accommodation. Our new home is just a short distance away from the teaching site and very close to his office.

I work part time as a model. It happened accidentally, I haven’t had a plan. A model scout find me on Facebook and asked me to try to work as a model. I was so happy! It was wonderful!

So in a day I am ideal student and in the evening I am a professional model. I like how it sounds! I like the way I lead my life. I will never get bored.

I don’t have much time for cooking and other things. I know, sometimes, I can make my love sad about this. I will try to be a perfect wife and mom, but not now. Little bit later. I want to be a successful woman.

As I told you, big cities are always full of interesting and creative people, so you  will definitely meet someone special. I came across to this interesting blog I read it sometimes and even in a good relation with a writer.

We like to arrange parties for my friends from university. I am so happy to have such wonderful people near me. They make me laugh and happy all the time.

Studying at the university is a long-term investment in your future, so try to choose right department and make your stay in another city the most comfortable!

Bye for now!