Quality Chair for My Garden

I am a garden lover. Since 6, when I was still a kid, I always watch my mother tending to her flowers and plants in our small garden at the back of our house. In the morning, she will always water the plants as well as in the afternoon. Sometimes, I volunteer to help her or if she is busy, I am the one watering the plants instead before playing in our backyard.

Fast forward fifteen years after, my mother is still a lover of plants and flowers. I moved out from my parents home three years ago and I am currently living in the city in an apartment. What I love about this apartment is that it also has a spacious garden where I can grow plants.

I am very happy when the owner said I can actually use it to have a garden. A year ago, while buying seeds and some gardening materials in the shopping mall, I stumbled upon a flyer advertising about a certain type of chair that is so perfect for gardens. It is called Adirondack chairs. When I went to the shop to take a look at the product, I immediately felt in love. It was perfect for my little garden!

The wooden material used in the chair is very beautiful. It also has carved details intricately designed in the arm chair. Also, it is very light. I can actually put in at the back of my car and I need not to have to ask the assistance of delivery men to deliver them to my home.

I immediately bought two, so when my boyfriend and I are talking over tea or coffee, we can sit there and chat all day during our rest days. Sometimes too, I bring my work at home and sit there, put my laptop on the table, and work from home as if I am just relaxing.

My friends too were stunned! When they come over in the house, they love sitting there especially during the afternoon.

They love bringing in food so we do not need to cook, especially on BBQ party nights were we are all up all night drinking and having fun.

These Adirondack chairs are really an investment. In fact, when my mother saw them, her eyes glimmered. She said I got her keen eye for details and beautiful things from her and I felt really really proud of what she told me. I also showed her my flowers and plants that I took care for over a year and she is very proud of me.  I also have some plants inside the house which she absolutely adores.

When I go home in my parents house, I always see my mother’s garden and I am always inspired to do more good work for my own garden. You see, my mother is the person I look up to since I was a kid and I would love to grow like her, especially on the way she takes care of her garden.

Initial Impressions of 360 Technology

A friend of mine had been breaking and going on and on about how great his 360 degree camera and headset are. I don’t know that much about 360 cameras, or at least I didn’t, and the headsets just confused me even though I thought I knew what they were. I didn’t, it turns out, and my perspective on virtual reality technology and 360 camera contents and tools was completely removed from the reality of the situation.

I think this probably happens whenever new technology start to emerge, so I’m going to start checking myself on this in the future. Not like I’m going to start playing all the hip apps just to keep up with the kids, but I do think that staying up-to-date with this sort of thing will not hurt my hobby as a Blocker in becoming a career. Does that make sense? I think it does. I think that it is important that I know exactly what I am choosing to use, or choosing not to use when it comes to online publication technology. I think that it is vital, actually, that I do not make choices based on ignorance when it comes to things like 360 camera devices.

Doesn’t that make sense, I really really think it does? I don’t know, maybe I’m batting above my league here, maybe people just like to come here to read my thoughts on things, or maybe people just feel obligated to. Regardless, I think it is very important that I express things to you and unique ways, and that I even take risks so you learn that you can too, and so that I’m constantly widening my parameters as a creator. I don’t want you, my readers, to get bored of me. And I don’t want to get bored of creating for you. So I think by delving into the world of 360 photography, or even virtual reality, I can embolden what I am doing on this site without compromising its original Integrity or content.

What Should I Wear This Summer?

Spring is coming.  The days are getting longer and longer. I missed warm summer days. I did my own research in order to be prepared well for the summer session. And now I know exactly what to wear this spring/summer.

The trend of this summer is a clothe with a variety of frills and ruffles. This kind of dresses, blouses and other garments with elements show up femininity and elegance. So go to the shop and be aware of how became a fashion girl.

In addition, this season you should pay special attention to tenuous fabric and black color! I guess, the black color will be always in trend.


Show off a little skin this season
You will be surprised, that the main accessory of the London Fashion Week 2017 was not jewelry or hats! This year’s trend is long, sexy and crazy cut out dresses. The main feature – cuts from the hips, revealing details and slim silhouette.

Check out Shopping Mum Home Office. This website is every mom’s handy guide to everything about shopping – for home and office supplies, latest fashionable items, trendy products for every family, and even beauty products all suited for moms out there. Georgina believes that every mother is born shopaholic.

My dear girls, I wish you to never be caught with I have nothing to wear again!

I am going for shopping! Stay beautiful!


Why You Should Buy An Electric Scooter Now


Ladies! It has been weeks since I last posted in my lifestyle blog. I have been to The Netherlands for two months to visit my relatives there. I also attended an intimate wedding of my cousin and her fiancé and we really enjoyed our trip there.

The Netherlands was beautiful! I got to tour around the city and eat at cafes and restaurants. I also had the chance to visit museums and libraries which I only get to see through pictures in the internet. I was really happy that I got the chance to visit the place last time.

Aside from the happy memories I had with my relatives, which I will say in another post, I want to share with you something that I discovered there. I saw how the roads and streets are so tidy and really convenient for every commuter. And one common thing in every streets are the usual electric scooters I see roaming around.

These scooters are so cool. I learned that majority of them are using Unu Motor’s elektrische scooter, a kind of scooter which obviously uses electricity. It is an earth-saving vehicles which is affordable and quality made. No doubt a lot of people are using it. I hope other cities will also adopt Unu Motors’ innovation or better yet, the company should open branches in other places.


To Be a Student

Well, after choosing your course one of the biggest decision will be where to live. As I moved to a big city with my boyfriend it wasn’t so stressful for me. He made this choice as easy as posіible. He found the right accommodation. Our new home is just a short distance away from the teaching site and very close to his office.

I work part time as a model. It happened accidentally, I haven’t had a plan. A model scout find me on Facebook and asked me to try to work as a model. I was so happy! It was wonderful!

So in a day I am ideal student and in the evening I am a professional model. I like how it sounds! I like the way I lead my life. I will never get bored.

I don’t have much time for cooking and other things. I know, sometimes, I can make my love sad about this. I will try to be a perfect wife and mom, but not now. Little bit later. I want to be a successful woman.

As I told you, big cities are always full of interesting and creative people, so you  will definitely meet someone special. I came across to this interesting blog I read it sometimes and even in a good relation with a writer.

We like to arrange parties for my friends from university. I am so happy to have such wonderful people near me. They make me laugh and happy all the time.

Studying at the university is a long-term investment in your future, so try to choose right department and make your stay in another city the most comfortable!

Bye for now!


Cheap yet quality watches

Okay, so here’s where I’m at, is that I do not know what to buy for my husband for his birthday this year. What do I do? I bought him everything, I’ve been browsing around sites like Survival Cooking, which have very comprehensive list full of all the different top products for camping and outdoor supplies, and things like that, and there is nothing that I can buy for him that he doesn’t already have. There’s just been too many birthdays like this, where I buy him the next new Stover grill or 10th, and now, I’m at a point that there is no signs of an upgrade over the things that I have bought him over the last five years.

So, I’ve been wondering about what I should do. And I think I have come to an interesting conclusion. I think I’m going to go way out into left field and just do something that is way different than I ever do, I think that I’m going to buy him a very nice accessory or some sort of addition to his wardrobe and repertoire. Now, I know what you’re thinking, if you know my husband, or as read about him in previous post, you would be very surprised that I would be considering to buy a fashion accessory for my husband. However, I think that he would love a very classy watch, and I found a lot of excellent choices,  looking for the best watches under 500 while scanning the web the other day. I think that I could get him a nice, slick, and cool watch that would totally surprise him and make a positive impact on his life. I swear, buying him a watch is not a passive-aggressive way of telling him to be on time more often, it’s just me saying that I love him through a nice, stylish accessory.





Tip of the Day: What to Do in Vancouver

If you’re familiar with me the life that I’ve been living, you’ll know that I just went on an amazing little trip all the way up to Vancouver. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is one of the most popular, Rising cities the entire world… I have never been there before, so I was pretty excited to see.

I thought for sure that there was no way that it would be as beautiful as it seems to look in photographs I was right about that… It’s actually way more beautiful than I ever could have imagined! Not only is a beautiful, but there’s a lot of great things to do there the shopping for example is second to none in Canada, and there’s never been a city that has been more fun for me too navigate.

The district’s all have their own charm, and each neighborhood has lots of great things to post as far as food, stores, and general culture just lots of great art in the city as well, I went out to some amazing concerts, and there were all sorts of me events happening… the culture is really fantastic because it is the best city in the whole Western half of Canada, and arguably the most popular city in the country. So, a lot of artists flock here and try to make their way as professionals and get noticed. As a visitor, you can really enjoy the Splendid work these individuals create.

What I really didn’t expect, what’s that the cities around Vancouver would be just as interesting– the suburbs were all fantastic. I particularly enjoyed New Westminister and Burnaby both are very close to the city of Vancouver, interconnected by train line. There’s no real gap between the cities, they sort of just flowing to each other, making Vancouver seem like one supermassive city. I couldn’t help but notice a lot of Burnaby condos for sale, and I even contacted a Vancouver Realtor who was very kind. However, I did learn that the real estate market in Vancouver is a little bit through the roof right now (I suggest consider one referred to by a friend for Coal Harbour condos), as prices have been rising and Rising for years and have yet to fall. So, I didn’t find a new home, but I did find a new city that I’ll certainly be returning to. What else did I miss… Consider checking out a professional hockey game, eating a lot of sushi, and making your way down to the Granville Island Market. Other than that, but I have no doubts that if you go to Vancouver you’ll find a way to enjoy yourself, so I’ll leave the rest up to you.

Helpful Baby Cam Just Right For You!

So, lately I’ve been having a lot of anxiety regarding my baby. I know that that’s not unnatural, but it has been happening way more often than I would like to deal with. Unfortunately, sleeping in the same room as the baby all the time is not good for either of us, and some distance needs to remain even though I want to have supervision over the baby. So, everybody kept recommending baby monitors to me but I thought they were all tacky or weird. Until, I got this great new WiFi baby monitor, the comfort cam, which has really changed everything for me and all sorts of fantastic ways that I am super grateful for and not at all taken for granted.

 I think that almost any mother can find great usage in this product. This product is totally the right baby monitor for today’s day and age, of that I am absolutely certain, and it is not outdated or audio-based like all sorts of baby monitors that I’ve examined in the past that just don’t seem to do the things that people of Our Generation expect technology to do. There is an app that helps it connect directly to your phone, and the video quality is great even in the nighttime. Yes, the ComfortCam Pro app, which is really well-made and has a lot of great features, is also very simple to use and extremely effective.

Basically, I was having a lot of anxiety about a very specific problem, and this product was recommended for me to soothe exactly that anxiety, and it to this anxiety in a way that I don’t think any other product on the market can. Also, I know that I am not alone in this anxiety struggle with this particular problem, we all want a convenient way to ensure the safety of our baby, so, I hereby recommend this product to everybody who is looking for a baby monitor solution.

Perfect Shots to Make Your Blog Better

Okay so like, obviously I love being a blogger and writing blogs, I actually love everything about blog culture. It is so sick.  But there are some parts about it that I actually don’t like at all. Some things about reading blogs get like, super annoying. Like, if I want to make money off of my blog I can’t use photos unless I have the rights to them? That is so b******* because sometimes I want to write about like, I don’t know, celebrities and stuff, and like it’s hard to find good images of them better for you and stuff.

I think that’s how it works, at least.

Anyway, there are lots of time is where you need to find a photograph, and like you need to stock photograph because you’re not allowed to use any photograph you want, and some of my friends told me about some stock photography sites and they suck. They’re just not very good at all and I think they’re really stupid. The photos are bad and the sites are dumb.

But, I actually found like, a pretty good one. It’s called EyeEm And it is laid out in a really simple and nice way, and the photos on there have actually fit what I need like perfectly so far, which none of the other ones ever did and I didn’t even want to publish them. So, I really do recommend this if you need Stock Photos because you probably do, and if you’re anything like me, your previous horses for stock photographs like really sucked.

Anyway, maybe this is too casual, but what I’m saying is that this is a really good stock photography site.

So, if you need to start a blog, keep that in mind!

Peace and love! Stay tuned for more tips and opinions and stuff!