Why You Should Buy An Electric Scooter Now


Ladies! It has been weeks since I last posted in my lifestyle blog. I have been to The Netherlands for two months to visit my relatives there. I also attended an intimate wedding of my cousin and her fiancé and we really enjoyed our trip there.

The Netherlands was beautiful! I got to tour around the city and eat at cafes and restaurants. I also had the chance to visit museums and libraries which I only get to see through pictures in the internet. I was really happy that I got the chance to visit the place last time.

Aside from the happy memories I had with my relatives, which I will say in another post, I want to share with you something that I discovered there. I saw how the roads and streets are so tidy and really convenient for every commuter. And one common thing in every streets are the usual electric scooters I see roaming around.

These scooters are so cool. I learned that majority of them are using Unu Motor’s elektrische scooter, a kind of scooter which obviously uses electricity. It is an earth-saving vehicles which is affordable and quality made. No doubt a lot of people are using it. I hope other cities will also adopt Unu Motors’ innovation or better yet, the company should open branches in other places.