What Should I Wear This Summer?

Spring is coming.  The days are getting longer and longer. I missed warm summer days. I did my own research in order to be prepared well for the summer session. And now I know exactly what to wear this spring/summer.

The trend of this summer is a clothe with a variety of frills and ruffles. This kind of dresses, blouses and other garments with elements show up femininity and elegance. So go to the shop and be aware of how became a fashion girl.

In addition, this season you should pay special attention to tenuous fabric and black color! I guess, the black color will be always in trend.


Show off a little skin this season
You will be surprised, that the main accessory of the London Fashion Week 2017 was not jewelry or hats! This year’s trend is long, sexy and crazy cut out dresses. The main feature – cuts from the hips, revealing details and slim silhouette.

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My dear girls, I wish you to never be caught with I have nothing to wear again!

I am going for shopping! Stay beautiful!


Why You Should Buy An Electric Scooter Now


Ladies! It has been weeks since I last posted in my lifestyle blog. I have been to The Netherlands for two months to visit my relatives there. I also attended an intimate wedding of my cousin and her fiancé and we really enjoyed our trip there.

The Netherlands was beautiful! I got to tour around the city and eat at cafes and restaurants. I also had the chance to visit museums and libraries which I only get to see through pictures in the internet. I was really happy that I got the chance to visit the place last time.

Aside from the happy memories I had with my relatives, which I will say in another post, I want to share with you something that I discovered there. I saw how the roads and streets are so tidy and really convenient for every commuter. And one common thing in every streets are the usual electric scooters I see roaming around.

These scooters are so cool. I learned that majority of them are using Unu Motor’s elektrische scooter, a kind of scooter which obviously uses electricity. It is an earth-saving vehicles which is affordable and quality made. No doubt a lot of people are using it. I hope other cities will also adopt Unu Motors’ innovation or better yet, the company should open branches in other places.


To Be a Student

Well, after choosing your course one of the biggest decision will be where to live. As I moved to a big city with my boyfriend it wasn’t so stressful for me. He made this choice as easy as posіible. He found the right accommodation. Our new home is just a short distance away from the teaching site and very close to his office.

I work part time as a model. It happened accidentally, I haven’t had a plan. A model scout find me on Facebook and asked me to try to work as a model. I was so happy! It was wonderful!

So in a day I am ideal student and in the evening I am a professional model. I like how it sounds! I like the way I lead my life. I will never get bored.

I don’t have much time for cooking and other things. I know, sometimes, I can make my love sad about this. I will try to be a perfect wife and mom, but not now. Little bit later. I want to be a successful woman.

As I told you, big cities are always full of interesting and creative people, so you  will definitely meet someone special. I came across to this interesting blog I read it sometimes and even in a good relation with a writer.

We like to arrange parties for my friends from university. I am so happy to have such wonderful people near me. They make me laugh and happy all the time.

Studying at the university is a long-term investment in your future, so try to choose right department and make your stay in another city the most comfortable!

Bye for now!