Cheap yet quality watches

Okay, so here’s where I’m at, is that I do not know what to buy for my husband for his birthday this year. What do I do? I bought him everything, I’ve been browsing around sites like Survival Cooking, which have very comprehensive list full of all the different top products for camping and outdoor supplies, and things like that, and there is nothing that I can buy for him that he doesn’t already have. There’s just been too many birthdays like this, where I buy him the next new Stover grill or 10th, and now, I’m at a point that there is no signs of an upgrade over the things that I have bought him over the last five years.

So, I’ve been wondering about what I should do. And I think I have come to an interesting conclusion. I think I’m going to go way out into left field and just do something that is way different than I ever do, I think that I’m going to buy him a very nice accessory or some sort of addition to his wardrobe and repertoire. Now, I know what you’re thinking, if you know my husband, or as read about him in previous post, you would be very surprised that I would be considering to buy a fashion accessory for my husband. However, I think that he would love a very classy watch, and I found a lot of excellent choices,  looking for the best watches under 500 while scanning the web the other day. I think that I could get him a nice, slick, and cool watch that would totally surprise him and make a positive impact on his life. I swear, buying him a watch is not a passive-aggressive way of telling him to be on time more often, it’s just me saying that I love him through a nice, stylish accessory.